All of our slow roasted meats are smoked for 12 hours with a hickory wood, seasoned with a homemade garlic, salt seasoning, shredded and portioned into 5 lb. containers.

Each container of meat will feed 15 – 20 servings.

*There are 2 different options of getting the meat prepared for your event, one is a cold option to reheat yourself and the other is a hot and ready to eat option which we will schedule a pick up time with you.

Please see below for pricing:


                                                              Cold Price:                         Hot Price:


Pulled Pork                                     $41.75/ tray                       $44.25/tray

Shredded Beef Brisket              $46.00/ tray                       $48.75/ tray

Shredded Chicken                       $41.75/ tray                       $44.25/tray



Our St. Louis style Ribs are seasoned, smoked, cut into individual pieces and then layered with the BBQ sauce of your choice. Each slab of ribs will feed 3 servings – $17.50/ slab with a 3 slab minimum.