All rentals are available on a first come first serve basis.



Flexible Rentals

Typically our customers rent the cookers from Friday afternoon through Monday before 5pm. Arrangements can be made for extended rentals or weekday rentals. *Our cookers are flat grills, NOT rotisserie*


  • We have 20 trailer propane units available.
  • 2 Deluxe trailer propane cookers w/ wood burning box

Our trailers require a 2″ ball for towing and a four prong female light connector. Lights are not required for towing as long as you transport by day and taillights are visible.



  • We have 2 charcoal units which ARE NOT on trailers. For picking these up you will need a full size pick-up truck without a topper or bring a trailer to load these charcoal cookers onto.
  • We have 1 tow-able charcoal unit available.


Our service includes sending you out with a 70 lb. tank of propane which will last from 16 – 18 hours. Sorry but we do not provide charcoal.


Pricing/Fees (3 day rental)

  • $100.00 for Charcoal Cookers           (does not include fuel)
  • $170.00 Standard Trailer Cooker      (includes fuel)
  • $220.00 Deluxe Trailer Cookers       (includes fuel)         
  • $75.00 Cleaning Fee if Cooker is not cleaned                                                 
Note: We do not deliver the cookers. You will need to make arrangements to pick one up.